My Favorite Podcasts of 2018

If you haven’t discovered the world of Podcasts, you are missing out!  Since I rarely have time for TV anymore, Podcasts are probably my favorite form of entertainment.  I love that I can listen while doing the dishes, driving, or at work.

I’ve been into Podcasts since the Serial days, but lately the Podcast world has blown up and some of the content and journalism is just too good not to share!

Podcasts 2018

Currently, I just discovered and am binging on “Broken Hart“, which researches the heartbreaking case of the Hart family, whom had six adopted children and were killed after one Mom drove off a California cliff.  This case was obviously so troubling to me and I am listening with baited breath.

Bear Brook chronicles a troubling case of an entire family found murdered in a New Hampshire park.  To this day, nobody knows their identities, but much progress has been made on the case.

Red All Over has to be my favorite Podcast of all time.  If you watch the Handmaids Tale, it is a must. That is all!

Someone Knows Something is another excellent investigative podcast.  Season 4 is the most compelling, in my opinion.

Up & Vanished Season 2 has been unfolding in real time; its’ so interesting.

The Dream takes on multi level marketing or “pyramid” schemes – Enjoyable listening for all, from those that are wrapped up in one of these or just a person that has seen friends and family get involved.

Forever 35 is hosted by two friends who talk about serums, and a lot more.  A fun listen.

This is Love is a beautiful podcast masterpiece, covering stories on all different types of love.

Any great ones out there I’m missing?





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