My Favorite Podcasts of 2018

If you haven’t discovered the world of Podcasts, you are missing out!  Since I rarely have time for TV anymore, Podcasts are probably my favorite form of entertainment.  I love that I can listen while doing the dishes, driving, or at work.

I’ve been into Podcasts since the Serial days, but lately the Podcast world has blown up and some of the content and journalism is just too good not to share!

Podcasts 2018

Currently, I just discovered and am binging on “Broken Hart“, which researches the heartbreaking case of the Hart family, whom had six adopted children and were killed after one Mom drove off a California cliff.  This case was obviously so troubling to me and I am listening with baited breath.

Bear Brook chronicles a troubling case of an entire family found murdered in a New Hampshire park.  To this day, nobody knows their identities, but much progress has been made on the case.

Red All Over has to be my favorite Podcast of all time.  If you watch the Handmaids Tale, it is a must. That is all!

Someone Knows Something is another excellent investigative podcast.  Season 4 is the most compelling, in my opinion.

Up & Vanished Season 2 has been unfolding in real time; its’ so interesting.

The Dream takes on multi level marketing or “pyramid” schemes – Enjoyable listening for all, from those that are wrapped up in one of these or just a person that has seen friends and family get involved.

Forever 35 is hosted by two friends who talk about serums, and a lot more.  A fun listen.

This is Love is a beautiful podcast masterpiece, covering stories on all different types of love.

Any great ones out there I’m missing?





Last minute Gifts

Are you guys still Christmas shopping? I’m still looking for some gifts but mostly am waiting for all my packages to arrive 🤣

Here are some of what I’m using as stocking stuffers; should be available to buy with time for Christmas!

From Top Left:

  • 1. A fun necklace for my sweet girls
  • 2. This chic pen for a coworker; found at Target but can’t find online.
  • 3. Little Feminists matching game
  • 4. Unicorn bath bombs! 🦄
  • 5. The cutest little “latte” for our furry friends
  • 6. A killer makeup bag for all the mamas!
  • 7. The ultimate lip mask
  • 8. For those that have everything… (this would be my parents)… I make a donation to their favorite charity.
  • 9. For my husband… Nintendo socks!
  • 10. Running gear.
  • So I’m pretty much set on presents. Now I have to find the time to wrap! 🤯
  • Dressing for the Holidays

    I wear workout attire most days, all day, everyday. So now I embrace the Christmas season as time to glam it up!  It is fun to mix up everyday pieces with lots of sequins, velvet, fur, and lace!

    Here is some of what I’ll be wearing this season.


    Holiday shoes and clothes ideas
    Holiday sparkle fashion
    1. This top hides problem areas but is still sexy. 
    2. I have these Kate Spade earrings, less than $20!
    3. How fun is this faux fur scarf?  Also less than $20!
    4. I never thought any leggings would be worth $98, but I have to say, I’m a convert. If you try them, you will be too. 
    5. This dress is only $25 (plus 20% off this weekend!) and has great reviews!  Love the color. 
    6. I love to wear sparkly costume jewelry for the holidays… This is definitely on my list. 
    7. I have some similar flats and I receive so many compliments on them! 
    8. Is there such thing as too much polka dot?  I think not
    9. Faux Fur trim for the win! I wore a piece like this for years and people still talk about it. 

    As always, my style is evolving.  Right now it’s a lot more girly and “fancy” probably because I spend a lot of time at home in sweats.  What about you? 

    Saving Winter Skin

    Today we had snow flurries here! Which brings me to Winter. This will be my first real winter since living in Cali and I’m kind of scared to be honest… ❄️ So here’s my game plan for getting through the winter:


    Skin Care:

    My skin tends to be dry plus I pick at my skin (so gross) so to keep it moisturized is especially important for me or it goes very very badly. Here is what I’m going to rely on to get me through the winter.

    1. Bite lip mask… this is amazing stuff. Slather it on before bed and your lips are good.

    2. Shower Cream Gel– I’m treating myself to some indulgent shower gels. Whatever it takes!

    3. This Trader Joe’s argon oil is my Holy Grail. I slather the stuff on everywhere.

    4. Trader Joe’s hand cream I use this relentlessly as well.

    The winter is a good time to mix it up with your skin care and do some more aggressive treatments since you’re not going to be in the sun as much. I think I’m going to treat myself to microneedling for the first time 😵

    I’m also going to try to do all the masks, all the time… Including feet and hands.



    This year I asked for this light box for Christmas. I am hoping to not hibernate all winter like I used to. Seasonal depression is definitely real!

    I’m also using this diffuser to try to keep some moisture in the air.


    We always go somewhere warm every February. This year it’s really not in the budget so we’re going to use some airline miles to visit friends in Florida. I’m sure we will be so ready for it by then!

    Also, I’m gonna keep waking up even though it’s dark and cold twice a week and going to work out with a personal trainer. It makes a huge difference in my day.

    Anyone else got some tips on surviving the cold? I sound like such a baby and the truth is I am one!

    How I save money online: 1- price adjustments

    Anthropologie, Athleta, Target, Costco, Home Depot, Nordstrom and more will all do price adjustments for online purchases. That is, if the price drops within a certain time window after purchasing, you can contact them for a price adjustment.

    For example, my mom just bought me two stand up paddleboards from Costco for my birthday.

    I noticed they were running the same boards for $50 off on Black Friday. It takes a quick email and the price adjustment showed up on my credit card!

    I started doing this a few years with the paribus app, which accesses your email and automatically contacts the vendors for you. However I can’t get paribus to work for the past few months… if anyone else knows of another service that does this let me know!