A trip to the Pottery Barn Outlet

My husband and I recently bought a house on the Chesapeake Bay which pretty much has not been updated since it was built it in 1992.  The thing is, it already broke our budget, so although I am dying to do multiple upgrades, I am pretty broke right now.  So… I was thrilled to see that there was a Pottery Barn Outlet less than two hours drive from us in Fredricksburg, VA.

There are some amazing pieces and deals here!  It’s my new go to.  But, don’t comes thinking it is like the Crate & Barrel outlet or similar, like I did.  It is not. Things are mostly in boxes and you have to search for what you want.

On my first visit I came by myself and was able to find a number of great lighting and accent pieces for our home which I LOVE, such as this vertical succulent wall.


It seems to be mostly returned items.  If they have something new, it is at least 40% off the regular price.  Yay!  From there, they also have some clearance specials running 40 – 60% additionally off marked prices. So as you can see, the potential for savings is huge!

The succulent wall was 50% off the regular price of $255.  It was new and in the box.

I won’t post everything, but I also found some great lighting. I went there dying for this Mia Crystal Chandelier.  mia-faceted-crystal-chandelier-o

I had my fingers crossed to find it as I couldn’t afford the regular price of $299 – $499.  I asked an employee if she could look it up in the computer and see if they had one.  She told me sadly no, but I kept going through boxes until I found one, mislabeled!  I believe it cost me around $60.  I was thrilled!!!

Obviously It’s worth making a trip.

There are a few tricks I wanted to share- Things I wish I had known!

  1. It is truly a warehouse.  There are items piled up and mostly still in boxes.  As you can see below, If you want a couch or dining table, this is the place.

2.  There is no delivery or assembly help so you have to plan ahead… I have a mid sized SUV but sadly to get any kind of large piece I would have to hire movers.  I asked the employees and they recommended renting a truck.

3. There isn’t much help.  Bring something to cut open boxes with and your smart phone to google names of items to find pictures on the website.  Things are separated into sections and in boxes that may or may not be opened.  I ended up giving my phone to my kids this past time and cutting open boxes with my keys.  Also, things are in the wrong boxes, etc sometimes.

4. They don’t carry West Elm currently.  There is Pottery Barn Kids furniture and PB Teen items.

5. There is a small kids section with a tv and some craft items.

6.  There are no returns.

So there you have it!  I’ll definitely be back as I make progress on this house.  Anyone else out there a design addict?  It’s worth going to a PB warehouse near you.

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